Gamioto is what makes earth spin like a crazy bitch

--Uknown scientist about gamioto

There is no portrait of gamioto

--Oscar Wilde about portraits

Chin Chang Chong Chan

--Chinse saying,saying something about gamioto

Damn I'm Green!!!


Nuremberg chronicles - Strange People - Headless (XIIr)

Gamioto in free nature form replicating through functions unknown to human kind

about his color

Gamioto is the very base of All .It consists of many forms - yet none of them can we understand.It exists everywhere anytime - yet it never existed.

Forms Edit

Gamioto's default shape is a perfect cube.The cube's dimensions are also knows as world units.The basic form of the cube is colored with anti-color black,absorbing shadows and swallowing light.

Tumblr m2dq3xPIPF1qfequao1 1280

Basic gamioto

Another popular shape of gamioto is the fluid one.Unfortunately no picture of this can exist because modern technology cannot manage to capture its particles , which move at c*2 m/s.

Finally , there is also gamioto's free nature, which is a way that our brain perceives gamioto's strange nature when in close contact.This forms usually look like living objects with strange properties , and scare the hell out of normal people.


Another free-form gamioto.This dude has been working out and shit.

Weird objects (4)

A gamioto in its free form,resisting human destruction

In popular cultureEdit

There are no references of gamioto in popular culture(yet) because so far it is not popular nor related to culture in any way(except some anti-ways but we cannot talk about them)


If a man manages to posses more than one instance of gamioto he instantly becomes the ruler and king of All.Gamioto has been reported to be first referenced in a poke-conversation , by a wise young man who tried to explain it to his friends.Thus it is a known ability of gamioto to pop up in any conversation whether it happens in our universe or outside the All.
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Iron-Giant's best buddy drinking some gamioto version of himself,drinking some gamioto version of itself

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